Dr. Kerri Miller’s 25 years as a nurse practitioner and 12 years as a medical missionary drove her to not just make people better, but find a better way! Through her start-up company Make People Better, she is committed to developing products, addressing the missing components in wellness, and bridging the gap in healthcare for low-income communities.

During Dr. Miller’s mission work in Nicaragua developing a community health program to address deadly consequences of diarrheal disease, she started to think about missing compenents to healing. The importance of hydration and intestinal health immunity, gave her the forethought to envision what is now the first oral hydrobiotic™, re:iimmune©. She left nursing in 2012 to become an entrepreneur in Health and Wellness launching her first retail product, re:iimmune, in 2014. Currently re:iimmune is available nationwide at Target, Wal-mart, and hundreds of independent pharmacies.

Dr. Miller, a Johns Hopkins and Harvard educated nurse practitioner developed a simple solution to a gap in healthcare. Hydrobiotic technology gives water more power to hydrate while supercharging the body’s natural defense system to speed recover. Through a simple portable sachet of powder that when mixed with water has already proved to be a multi-tasking over-the-counter regiment to wellness. Dr. Miller’s mission to “Make People Better” with this hydrobiotic formula caught the eye of Mercy Hospital network’s R&D division which is not only participating in re:iimmune’s clinical trials, but also formal investor in the company.